Check for leaks

Check for leaks around your home or garden. 

Undetected household leaks are a common reason for high water use. Regularly check taps, pipes and fittings around your home.

You can use your water meter to help perform a basic leak test. Use our leak counter tool below to find out if you have a leak.

Turn off all water-using devices.

All taps and other water using devices in your household.

Find your water-meter

This is generally located just outside your house. The meter is located right at the front at most properties.

Finish by using our tool below.

Follow along with each of the slides describing how to check!

Enter the red numbers shown on your meter.

On the screen of your meter you should see numbers that pertain to your houses overall water usage, enter in the final 3 digits (in red).

Then click the button to the right of this paragraph to begin the test timer!

Start The Test

Wait at least 15 minutes and then enter the new number shown on your meter.

00:00 total has passed since you started your test.

End The Test

You may have a leak

Call a licensed plumber to identify and fix the problem.

If you are a tenant you should notify your managing agent or property owner so they can organise a plumber to investigate!

You can also check where to look for leaks around your property.

Find leaks around your property

Based on what you've provided us, we estimate you're losing..

litres per /hour

litres per /day

On this estimate, you're losing about..


per /bill


per /annum
^Results of this online leak detection tool are indicative only. For more accurate leak detection results, we recommend a red digit meter test over a three hour period.

No leak detected

Good News! We didn’t detect a leak!

Find more ways to save water.

Where to look for a leak

Inside the home
Outside the home